Benefits of Metal Roofs

The lifespan of your roof consists of a few factors; the quality of materials, the workmanship and  proper maintenance. If installed correctly and regularly maintained, your metal roof should last up to 50 years compared to traditional roofs which generally have life expectancy is roughly 15-20 years.

Here are a few tips to help extend the life expectancy of your roof:

⌂ Clean the roof and gutters at least once a year
Inspect your roof and clean any debris, plant growth and dirt for better solar efficiency.
Also clear the gutters of any foliage to prevent water damage to the fascia & soffit boards.

⌂ Inspect for damage
After a severe storm, check the roof for any damaged panels and call an installer for repairs.

⌂ Avoid ponding 
Ponding is most common on flat roofs and is generally the result of unmaintained gutters,
poor drainage or an unsatisfactory installation. If water ponding is not addressed it can
cause leaks.

Other reasons why to choose metal roofs

Fire: Metal roofs do not spark or ignite into flames
Wind: There are less exposed edges which make them more wind resistant than other products
Water: Waterproof and cannot be penetrated by hail

Curb Appeal
Not only are metal roofs enduring, they are also timeless, easy to maintain and will instantly
improve curb appeal and value.

We use Colorbond steel which is manufactured to Australian Standards, ensuring strict
adherence to the required grade and strength. Metal roofs also reflect solar radiant heat,
which will reduce your cooling costs.


Roofing Terminology

The following information may be helpful when discussing any roof issues you have with our team. This glossary covers everything you need to know about the materials used in most installations. 

Anticon Blanket This is installed in-between the battens and roof sheeting. It is light and water-resistant designed specifically for use in residential and commercial buildings.
ApexThe apex is the top of the slopes that meet at the ridge (tallest point of the roof)
Apron FlashingA piece of flashing used at the lower side of a chimney that penetrates a sloping roof.
Barge Capping A flashing that is used to fix the gable end of the roof where the sheets start and finish.
Batten A batten is a piece of timber or metal channel installed horizontally on top of the rafters to allow sheet metal to be laid and fastened.
Bay WindowA window of varying shapes, projecting outward from the wall of a building, forming a recess in a room.
Box Gutter An internal concealed roof gutter between the slopes of a roof or between a roof and a parapet wall.
CladdingAny material used to face a building or structure, otherwise known as wall cladding.
ColorbondCOLORBOND® steel is produced with a ZINCALUME® base to provide corrosion resistance and then covered with a chemically applied conversion layer to enhance coating adhesion. On top of this goes a baked on epoxy primer and finally a baked on exterior grade top-coat.
Domer Window A vertical window or opening, coming through a sloping roof and usually provided with its own pitched roof. Often used in attics to add light and a pleasing design to the house.
DownpipeA pipe for draining water from the rainwater gutters to the ground or storm water runoff system.
EavesA pipe for draining water from the rainwater gutters to the ground or storm water runoff system.
FallThe slope or pitch of a roof or gutter.
FasciaA board fixed horizontally to the lower ends of the rafters, to which guttering is fixed.
FastenersAny of a wide variety of mechanical securement devices and assemblies, including nails, screws, clips and bolts, which may be used to secure various components of a roof assembly.
FinialUsually a pointed ornament at the top of a gable, hip junctions and dutch gables.
Fire Rating or R.ValueA value given for the resistance to heat transfer of a roof and/or wall system.
FlashingComponents used to weatherproof or seal the roof system edges at the perimeters, penetrations, walls and other places, such as vent-pipes, chimneys, valleys and joints at vertical walls.

Roof colour selection

The image to the left is a roof we installed using Colorbond® Corrugated Steel in the colour 'Surfmist'. There are a range of colours to choose from, so we have superimposed some of the choices as a visual aid to help assist you in choosing a colour to suit your home.

Please Note: Actual colours may vary. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and everyone sees these colours differently. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.